Photo Gallery

crew member cleaning ceiling fan

Aint' no mountain high or valley low for our crew

Pictured is one of crew members taking her job to new heights. We were asked to come and clean up after a fire extinguisher incident, and while we were there our crew noticed that the ceiling fan could use some TLC. Christi climbed 16 feet to ensure the ceiling fan was cleaned.  

Kitchen sink has a broken pipe causing water to leak

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

This sink had enough when it came to carrying the weight of the world. Only kidding, but boy did it cause some significant damage. One of the pipes became unattached causing a flash flood for the cupboards and floors. Our crew had to tear up the wood floor, and cabinets to ensure proper drying. 

basement concrete has standing water from snowstorm freezing pipes

Splish Splash the water is adding up fast!

Adele sadly does not have a chart topper about water under the stairs, but if she did these homeowners could relate. When the recent snowstorm came into town causing their pipes to freeze and burst, we were happy to get the call. Our crew had this basement clear of standing water within the hour.

bedroom damaged by smoke and water from recent fire

House Fire in Clinton

This photo shows a house fire that happened in Clinton. The house had extensive interior damage that needed to be reconstructed. Our crew repainted, laid floors, rehung doors, and tore out anything that could not be restored. 

house charred from exterior fire

House Fire in Mechanicsville

This family had their unfortunate event begin on their back porch eventually causing damage to their entire home. There was significant smoke, soot, and water damage within the home, and our crews were ready to put these homeowners' minds at ease. 

carpet wet from water pipe breaking

Why is the floor wet Todd?

It is not uncommon for pipes to freeze and burst in the middle of winter here in the Midwest. This is the aftermath of what our pipes can do to our home or business when the temperature can reach below freezing.  

fans and dehumidifiers set at commercial water loss

Commercial Water loss in Clinton

The following picture is from the aftermath of a frozen pipe. Our team was called at 9 PM for what they thought was a small water loss. It turns out that it affected 3 of the resident's units, and the hallway. Our team quickly began extracting the water and drying the structure. 

Crew member tearing down insulation from water loss

Cleaning out the closet, but not rapping about it

During the most recent winter storm, this tenant had the ice come into her home to brave the storm. Unfortunately, it didn't stick around long and left quite the mess. Our crew members tested the walls to identify what was wet, and realized the entire closet needed to be opened up to properly dry. Needless to say, we stopped the water in its tracks and began the reconstruction process. 

Cement basement structure covered in water from broken pipe

Broken Pipe floods Basement

During the winter months a majority of our water losses are caused by frozen pipes that eventually burst. In this situation a frozen pipe caused mass flooding throughout the entire home, leading it all the way down to the basement. Our team was able to get in and set equipment to dry the structure. After the structure is dry, we will begin the reconstruction process. 

House rafters exposed after tree comes through roof

Tree falls through roof of home

Although we may like it when Ke$ha yells Timber, you might have mixed feelings if its when a tree is coming down on your home. This homeowner was away for the weekend and came home to find the outdoors had made its way in. We were happy to help him get his roof tarped and his mess cleaned up, adding yet another happy customer to our list. 

Roof covered with grey tarp after storm tears off shingles

Tarping Miles home after a storm

SERVPRO of Clinton was called out into the field after a high wind storm went through the area. The house had damage to the roof which caused water to leak into the home. Our Crew got the tarp down and set fans to help dry the content that was damaged on the inside.

House with hole in the roof from tree debris

Storm causes Hole Damage to Roof

After a storm came rolling through Clinton, we were called to assist this home owner with tarping his roof. When we arrived on the job there was a huge tree on the roof, which was removed by a tree service. After the tree was gone, we quickly covered the holes to prevent further damage. 

Water ceiling pocket from leaking toilet

Leaking pipe causes ceiling to Bubble

Here is what can happen when a pipe starts dripping, over time the water builds up and causes bigger damages to you home. In this home owners case the toilet had a slow leak that eventually built up to cause damage to all 3 levels of the home. 

SERVPRO Crew setting drying equipment after water loss

Water Loss at local Church

This picture is a picture of our entire crew at a huge commercial water loss. This water loss reached across the entire basement of the building saturating furniture and walls with tons of water. After the job was assessed, the crew quickly flew into action extracting water and setting fans to get the surfaces dry. 

Clean kitchen done by SERVPRO

Deep Cleaning done the SERVPRO way

This job was not your normal cleaning job. This house after months of neglect needed to be cleaned up, and ready for someone to move back in. SERVPRO was called to do an entire scrub down of the house including cleaning the carpets. Our crew went in and had the entire house cleaned and ready for them in just 3 days. No matter the size of the job we are here to help you!

outside of house with tarp on roof

Storm Damage to a house in Bellevue

SERVPRO of Clinton was called to help assist these home owners with their recent storm damage. The roof needed to be tarped, and there was water damage done to the inside of the house. We place fans throughout the house to help with drying everything out. 

Kitchen that has been effected by a fire

Kitchen Fire in Illinois

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire that happened in Illinois. When we arrived at the house there was significate damage done to the kitchen, and the surrounding rooms were filled with smoke damage. 

Air conditioner that had caught fire

Fire Damage to a Resident's Home

This is the aftermath of a dining room fire in Sterling. There is significant smoke damage done to the rest of the residence home, where we will begin our full cleaning process. 

Items burned in bedroom

Fire damage to bedroom

This was the aftermath of a house fire that happened in Clinton. There is significant smoke damage done to the entire upstairs of the house, leaving many items unsalvageable. We quickly removed all the items that were salvageable and are cleaning them. 

4 SERVPRO crew members setting up fans to dry

Water Extraction at Commercial Building

Here is a picture of our crew setting up fans to dry a water damage that happened at a local church. Water backed up the entire basement, so our team showed up to extract all the water and get the surface dried.

Crew member in tunnel cleaning up garbage

Middle School Crawl Space Cleaning

A local middle school had their crawl space fill with water, and we were their first call. After a complete water extraction and drying process, our crew was asked to clean the tunnels from all remaining debris. We were able to have this job completed before the new school year started, eliminating any stress the school district was feeling. 

Crew Member wiping nicotine wall to show the difference

Nicotine wall cleaning

Nicotine can damage many areas of your home or commercial property. The following picture is from a commercial apartment building that had extensive nicotine damage done to it. SERVPRO was called to come in and eliminate the odor, and to give the apartment unit a full cleaning. We were able to get in and complete the job in 2 days, with complete customer satisfaction. 

SERVPRO employee wearing the proper PPE

SERVPRO takes Safety Seriously

Here at SERVPRO of Clinton we take our safety and your safety seriously. Here is one of our crew members wearing all the proper safety equipment for a Mold remediation. Since dealing with mold is one of the worst hazards that can be in your house, it is important to get it removed as soon as possible. Mold can grow on many surfaces, and many people think that spraying it with bleach will kill it on contact. Unfortunately that is not true, but we have just the right solutions to get the job done. Don't believe me? If you find mold in your home, give us a call and we will get it taken care of. 

SERVPRO girl employee smiling with Non for profit member while setting up bed

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

This picture was captured while SERVPRO of Clinton helped assist a local non for-profit with their project. Sleep in Heavenly Peace makes beds for children who are in need of one, but they needed help with delivery and assembly so they called us. Working with this non for-profit has been an absolute joy for us, and we look forward to helping in the future. 

Kitchen full of garbage next to pictures of it cleaned up

SERVPRO Kitchen Clean up

SERVPRO was called to help this family in their time of need. Our customers were expecting us to take a week to clean their entire house, and it only took us 2 days. 

Laundry room and heating source ruined from smoke damage

Residential House Fire

This was the aftermath of a furnace malfunction. The entire house suffered from smoke damage, and needed multiple repairs. SERVPRO is here to help, and is currently working on putting the house back together. 

Picture of commercial building with standing water

Water Damage at Commercial Site in Clinton

Our team was called into action for a commercial water damage. Upon arrival they were able to locate the source of the issue, and shut the water off. Fans were quickly set and we were able to have the facility dried and carpet cleaned in 4 days. 

Our technicians, Christi and Will, assembling a bed.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

SERVPRO of Clinton was incredibly honored to partner with Sleep in Heavenly Peace in Camanche, IA to assist with putting together two beds for two young boys in our community. Our technicians, Christi and Will, picked up the beds, delivered them to a home in Clinton, IA and assisted with assembling them. We love being able to help our community in any way that we possibly can. SERVPRO of Clinton is always Here to Help!

Fallen ceiling tiles in master bathroom

Water Damage in Maquoketa, IA

This is the aftermath of a water damage due to broken pipes in Maquoketa, IA. The water damaged 3 levels of the home, this is the master bathroom on the main level. Some ceiling tiles and insulation had fallen due to the severity of the water coming down. We were able to immediately begin mitigation and remove all of the debris, set equipment, and begin the drying process. 

Nicotine Cleaning

Nicotine Cleaning in Clinton, IA

This was a vacant home that SERVPRO of Clinton was called to clean and remove the nicotine stains. The former homeowner had smoked in the home for many, many years. This photo was taken on Day 1, look at the difference on that wall!

Technician Cleaning Contents

Contents Cleaning

Here at SERVPRO of Clinton, we pride ourselves on taking care of your belongings as if they were our own. When you have a water damage or a fire damage, we neatly pack your affected contents and bring them back to our warehouse to carefully clean and restore them. Our goal is to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Clinton is available 24/7 for all commercial and residential needs. Image of green SERVPRO vehicle.

SERVPRO of Clinton

SERVPRO of Clinton is a trusted leader in the restoration industry and has the training, equipment, and expertise to handle your restoration and cleaning needs. As a locally owned and operated business, we can provide 24-hour emergency service and are dedicated to responding immediately to commercial or residential needs.

In this image, a sprinkler system had broken in 3 different places due to cold weather causing the main office to flood.

Water Damage at Local Commercial Business

SERVPRO of Clinton was contacted in the middle of the night to respond to a water damage at a local business. Technicians arrived to the business location within an hour of the initial call and immediately began the restoration process. The sprinkler system broke in 3 different places due to cold temperatures outside, therefore, causing flooding in a few different offices and some other rooms. SERVPRO of Clinton worked quickly and efficiently to restore the business back to normal.