Water Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen sink has a broken pipe causing water to leak

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

This sink had enough when it came to carrying the weight of the world. Only kidding, but boy did it cause some significant damage. One of the pipes became unattached causing a flash flood for the cupboards and floors. Our crew had to tear up the wood floor, and cabinets to ensure proper drying. 

Cement basement structure covered in water from broken pipe

Broken Pipe floods Basement

During the winter months a majority of our water losses are caused by frozen pipes that eventually burst. In this situation a frozen pipe caused mass flooding throughout the entire home, leading it all the way down to the basement. Our team was able to get in and set equipment to dry the structure. After the structure is dry, we will begin the reconstruction process. 

Water ceiling pocket from leaking toilet

Leaking pipe causes ceiling to Bubble

Here is what can happen when a pipe starts dripping, over time the water builds up and causes bigger damages to you home. In this home owners case the toilet had a slow leak that eventually built up to cause damage to all 3 levels of the home. 

SERVPRO Crew setting drying equipment after water loss

Water Loss at local Church

This picture is a picture of our entire crew at a huge commercial water loss. This water loss reached across the entire basement of the building saturating furniture and walls with tons of water. After the job was assessed, the crew quickly flew into action extracting water and setting fans to get the surfaces dry. 

Fallen ceiling tiles in master bathroom

Water Damage in Maquoketa, IA

This is the aftermath of a water damage due to broken pipes in Maquoketa, IA. The water damaged 3 levels of the home, this is the master bathroom on the main level. Some ceiling tiles and insulation had fallen due to the severity of the water coming down. We were able to immediately begin mitigation and remove all of the debris, set equipment, and begin the drying process. 

In this image, a sprinkler system had broken in 3 different places due to cold weather causing the main office to flood.

Water Damage at Local Commercial Business

SERVPRO of Clinton was contacted in the middle of the night to respond to a water damage at a local business. Technicians arrived to the business location within an hour of the initial call and immediately began the restoration process. The sprinkler system broke in 3 different places due to cold temperatures outside, therefore, causing flooding in a few different offices and some other rooms. SERVPRO of Clinton worked quickly and efficiently to restore the business back to normal.