Commercial Photo Gallery

carpet wet from water pipe breaking

Why is the floor wet Todd?

It is not uncommon for pipes to freeze and burst in the middle of winter here in the Midwest. This is the aftermath of what our pipes can do to our home or business when the temperature can reach below freezing.  

fans and dehumidifiers set at commercial water loss

Commercial Water loss in Clinton

The following picture is from the aftermath of a frozen pipe. Our team was called at 9 PM for what they thought was a small water loss. It turns out that it affected 3 of the resident's units, and the hallway. Our team quickly began extracting the water and drying the structure. 

4 SERVPRO crew members setting up fans to dry

Water Extraction at Commercial Building

Here is a picture of our crew setting up fans to dry a water damage that happened at a local church. Water backed up the entire basement, so our team showed up to extract all the water and get the surface dried.

Crew member in tunnel cleaning up garbage

Middle School Crawl Space Cleaning

A local middle school had their crawl space fill with water, and we were their first call. After a complete water extraction and drying process, our crew was asked to clean the tunnels from all remaining debris. We were able to have this job completed before the new school year started, eliminating any stress the school district was feeling. 

Crew Member wiping nicotine wall to show the difference

Nicotine wall cleaning

Nicotine can damage many areas of your home or commercial property. The following picture is from a commercial apartment building that had extensive nicotine damage done to it. SERVPRO was called to come in and eliminate the odor, and to give the apartment unit a full cleaning. We were able to get in and complete the job in 2 days, with complete customer satisfaction. 

Picture of commercial building with standing water

Water Damage at Commercial Site in Clinton

Our team was called into action for a commercial water damage. Upon arrival they were able to locate the source of the issue, and shut the water off. Fans were quickly set and we were able to have the facility dried and carpet cleaned in 4 days.