Storm Damage Photo Gallery

basement concrete has standing water from snowstorm freezing pipes

Splish Splash the water is adding up fast!

Adele sadly does not have a chart topper about water under the stairs, but if she did these homeowners could relate. When the recent snowstorm came into town causing their pipes to freeze and burst, we were happy to get the call. Our crew had this basement clear of standing water within the hour.

Crew member tearing down insulation from water loss

Cleaning out the closet, but not rapping about it

During the most recent winter storm, this tenant had the ice come into her home to brave the storm. Unfortunately, it didn't stick around long and left quite the mess. Our crew members tested the walls to identify what was wet, and realized the entire closet needed to be opened up to properly dry. Needless to say, we stopped the water in its tracks and began the reconstruction process. 

House rafters exposed after tree comes through roof

Tree falls through roof of home

Although we may like it when Ke$ha yells Timber, you might have mixed feelings if its when a tree is coming down on your home. This homeowner was away for the weekend and came home to find the outdoors had made its way in. We were happy to help him get his roof tarped and his mess cleaned up, adding yet another happy customer to our list. 

Roof covered with grey tarp after storm tears off shingles

Tarping Miles home after a storm

SERVPRO of Clinton was called out into the field after a high wind storm went through the area. The house had damage to the roof which caused water to leak into the home. Our Crew got the tarp down and set fans to help dry the content that was damaged on the inside.

House with hole in the roof from tree debris

Storm causes Hole Damage to Roof

After a storm came rolling through Clinton, we were called to assist this home owner with tarping his roof. When we arrived on the job there was a huge tree on the roof, which was removed by a tree service. After the tree was gone, we quickly covered the holes to prevent further damage. 

outside of house with tarp on roof

Storm Damage to a house in Bellevue

SERVPRO of Clinton was called to help assist these home owners with their recent storm damage. The roof needed to be tarped, and there was water damage done to the inside of the house. We place fans throughout the house to help with drying everything out.